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Quinn about the paparazzi

Paparazzi photographed on the day of the wedding of Grace Kelly and Price Rainier. Monaco, April 1956. Photo Edward Quinn. © edwardquinn.com
During the fifties, at each film festival a swarming squad of photographers, mostly Italians, the so-called paparazzi, crowded into Cannes. They behaved like shock troops surrounding actresses and starlets, so as to force them to obey their orders Even the most famous and cherished stars would have to comply and pose obediently.

It was very difficult to compete with the paparazzi, as they leagued up together to prevent other photographers to get a picture. While one of them cornered an actress to photograph her, the others would block the access so as to keep any other reporter away from their prey.

Fortunately I knew the paparazzi’s strategies and somehow managed to outwit them. I had to try and anticipate where the stars would go, by getting information from different sources: press agents, hotel concierges, friends etc. When I did get a scoop, the paparazzi with whom I stayed on quite friendly terms, would always acknowledge it.

Source: Edward Quinn, “Stars, Stars, Stars … off the screen”, p.7
Zurich – Berlin – New York 1997
ISBN 3-931141-28-4

Photo: Paparazzi preparing for the wedding of Prince Rainier of Monaco and Grace Kelly. Monaco April 1956.
© edwardquinn.com