Grand Prix Automobile de Monaco 1952 - Photos by Edward Quinn

56 Robert Manzon, Equipe Gordini; 84 Hume, Allard J7. 72 Reg Parnell, Aston Martin DB3The Aston engine of Parnell blows up in the Ste-Devote and aligns his car against the straw bales, Stagnoli brakes too hard and does a double spin. Moss on Jaguar C-Type XKC 003 and Manzon find an obstructed road, spin and end up against the poor Aston, then Hume spins and reverses into the pile. Lucky no one gets hurt. Monaco Grand Prix 1952 (transformed into a race for sports cars with engines larger than 2 liters)
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Grand Prix Automobile de Monaco 1952 photographed by Edward Quinn. ©